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A Weekend of Raising Awareness for Hydrocephalus

Posted On: 09/25/2011

Did you know that September is Hydrocephalus Awareness Month? With last weekend’s events a success – Gillette’s Childhood-Onset Hydrocephalus conference on Saturday, and the 2nd annual Minneapolis Hydrocephalus Walk on Sunday – we couldn’t think of a better time to share more about the condition, which occurs when too much fluid builds up on the brain. Click here to learn about causes and treatments for hydrocephalus.

Here at Gillette, more than 1,500 children come to us for help managing their hydrocephalus. Two of those kids are Jack Borchardt and Lana Sorenson. Jack’s mom, Tara, organized the first-ever Hydrocephalus Walk last year. Lana’s mom, Heather, headed up this year’s walk. We thought today would be a great time to check in to see how Jack and Lana are doing. And we’re happy to report the answer is: great!

Jack is thriving in second grade – he especially likes reading and math – and outside of school, loves practicing his counting skills by beating his dad at Monopoly. Although Jack still struggles with some effects of the condition, he hasn’t needed surgery for more than a year and a half. “At Gillette, we can get everything we need,” Tara says. “They help me be the best mom I can be.”

Lana is an energetic, imaginative 5-year-old — and proud big sister to a new baby brother. A summer surgery at Gillette has changed Lana’s life for the better, according to Heather. “Even though a hospital stay is not usually an enjoyable thing, Lana still talks very fondly of her nurses and her time at Gillette!” she says.

Are you a family member of a child with hydrocephalus? Join the Minneapolis Hydrocephalus Support Group on Facebook.

Gillette's Hydrocephalus Walk team included neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Partington and nurse practioners Terri Schultz and Amanda Seeley.

Lana proudly holds her team's sign at the Hydrocephalus Walk.

Another shot of the Gillette team.

Team spirit!

Before the start of second grade, Jack enjoyed a trip to Washington state - and the Seattle zoo.