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Posted On: 08/28/2012

Categories: Win It Wednesday

WIN-It-Wednesday: Want an “I Love Gillette” t-shirt? Can you name where this waiting room is at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare? Give us your best guess in the comment section below and you could win!


It’s Gillette Field surgery wait room and we’ll be sitting in it many times between now and next spring!

By susan france on 09/27/2012


That is the awesome néw Gillette Field!!! What an amazing gift and the lives it will touch. I miss the love from my Gillette family! You are blessed!!!!

By Valerie Demester on 09/26/2012


Love Joe Mauer for dedicating the Gillette Field playroom on 3rd floor. Gillette treated us so well during my son’s stay in May.

By Jill Stanton on 09/26/2012


Gillette Field playroom in the surgery waiting area!

By Natalie P on 09/26/2012


This is Gillette Field! It looks awesome!

By Casey M on 09/26/2012


The new Gillette field in the surgery waiting room!

By Abby A on 09/26/2012


Its Gillette Field waiting/playroom! I was disappointed we didn’t get to see it on our last visit! It looks great!!

By Becky on 09/26/2012