Transition Services for Teens and Adults

As people who have disabilities approach adulthood, they and their families face significant decisions regarding legal, medical, vocational, educational and independent-living issues. That’s why we offer transition services for teens, adults and their families.

Gillette’s transition social worker collaborates with other specialists to support a successful transition. We offer phone and in-person consultations, counseling, and tours of our Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare facilities. Our goal is to help you feel prepared and supported throughout this important phase in your life.

Why Choose Gillette?

  • We believe that people who have disabilities deserve a lifetime of excellent health care—from birth through adulthood.
  • We can help you find resources and understand the decisions you face as you, or your child, approach adulthood.
  • Our pediatric and adult-focused providers collaborate to create a smooth transition to an adult-focused model of care.
  • We can help you understand the services Gillette provides for adults who have disabilities and complex conditions that began in childhood.

About Transition

Transitions are a natural part of life. They begin at birth and continue throughout our lives. When we talk about transition services at Gillette, we’re specifically referring to the services we offer to support our patients and families as they move from a pediatric model to an adult model of health care—and to adulthood in general.

To help a transition happen smoothly, we offer consultations and counseling for Gillette patients and their families. Our transition social worker can help families understand the legal, medical and independent-living issues they face. Because our patients’ needs vary greatly, we customize our transition services, making them appropriate for each family we serve.

We also help our patients understand the services we provide through Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare, which offers care to patients who have certain conditions that continue into adulthood.

Our Transition Services

Our transition social worker supports patients and families who face important health care and life decisions.

We offer:

  • Phone and in-person consultations to discuss health care needs and community resources related to the transition to an adult-focused model of care
  • Counseling sessions to identify challenges, support decision-making and strengthen coping strategies for difficult situations
  • Tours of the specialty care services we offer for some adult patients through Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare

For more information about the services we provide at Gillette, search Conditions and Care.

Resources for Patients and Families

Our transition social worker can help you locate resources related to legal, medical, educational, vocational and independent-living issues. In addition, we’ll soon have a collection of online resources for patients and their families.

Locations of Service

St. Paul Campus (Hospital and Clinic)
St. Paul Campus (Hospital and Clinic)

651-291-2848 or 800-719-4040 (toll-free)

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Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare St. Paul - Phalen Clinic (for Older Teens and Adults)
Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare St. Paul - Phalen Clinic (for Older Teens and Adults)


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Services vary by location. For all of our locations, visit Directions and Locations.

Why Gillette?

Because all children deserve a lifetime of amazing health care.

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