Meet Alyssa Dahlheimer, Occupational Therapist at Gillette!

Posted On: Apr 15, 2012

Since April is Occupational Therapy Month, we want to introduce you to Alyssa Dahlheimer, Occupational Therapist at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. Don’t forget, we have an OT Coloring Contest happening this week on our Facebook page. Log on and vote by ‘liking’ for favorite picture. The winner will receive a Gillette Teddy-Bear!

Meet Alyssa Dahlmeimer, Occupational Therapist at Gillette!

Q. What are some of your hobbies outside work?

A. In my free time, I enjoy group cycling classes and running. I love to be outside, and in the spring and summer I like to work in my flower gardens. I also enjoy spending time with my family, going to museums and the zoo as well as plays and musicals.

Q. Do you have any kids or pets?

A. My family consists of my husband, Mike, and my two daughters. My daughter, Ella, is 8 and is in 2nd grade. My daughter, Annie, is 5 and is in preschool 3 afternoons a week.


Q. What is your favorite book or food?

A. My favorite foods are margherita pizza and cheesecake!

Q. If you could travel anywhere where would you go?

A. There are so many places in the world I would love to travel. I have never been to New York city and would love to see a Broadway play there someday. I would also love to travel to Africa and all over Europe.

Q. Favorite kind of music or band?

A. I really like many kinds of music. Generally, I like anything on Cities 97. I also love big band music and swing dancing to it.

Q. Favorite subject in school?

A. My favorite subjects in school were biology and English literature.

Q. Who did you admire when you were a kid?

A. I have always admired my parents. Even as a teenager, I genuinely liked them. They brought me to all of my sports practices and games, made our house a welcome place for all of my friends and put so much effort into being great parents.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job at Gillette?

A.Working at Gillette is wonderful. I love the kids and families I meet, there are so many inspiring people. I love working with kids and their families to find ways for them to be more independent, successful, and more engaged in their lives. I am always impressed by the dedication and expertise of the staff I work with.