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William Wheeler MD
  • Pediatric Pulmonologist

Top Conditions

*This is not a complete list of conditions
  • Medical School: 
    University of Tennessee Center for the Health Sciences, Memphis, Tennessee

    Pediatrics, Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center, Memphis, Tennessee

    Pediatric Pulmonology & Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston

    Board Certification(s): 
    Pediatrics, Pediatric Pulmonology, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

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    • Carolan, P., Wheeler, W., Ross, J., Kemp, R. Potential to prevent carbon dioxide rebreathing of commercial products marketed to reduce sudden infant death syndrome risk. Pediatrics. 2000; 105:774-779.
  • I live in Minnetonka with my wife. We have five grown children in various stages of young adulthood. My wife and I maintain an active faith life. In my spare time, I enjoy exercising, reading and gardening. I'm also an avid baseball and softball fan.


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