Parking & Location Details

NOTE: The best address for your GPS is 640 Jackson Street.

Patients can access the hospital, clinics and other outpatient services on level D at the Regions West Entrance (640 Jackson Street - West Ramp).

Valet Services Are Available

Free valet services are available at the West Ramp Level D from 8am–4:30pm. See valet for additional parking options. Regular parking rates apply.

Tall Vehicles

If your vehicle is taller than 7 feet, please call the Regions Parking office at 651-254-3967 prior to arriving, and go to the main entrance of Regions Hospital (off Jackson Street). Regions valet is closed and not providing service but they are assisting with oversized vehicles outside of the ramp when contacted.

Accessible Parking

All of the parking spots on Level D are large enough for wheelchair accessible vans. Additional patient parking is available on Levels C, E and F. Those levels have handicap-accessible parking spaces near the hospital entrances, but the spaces aren’t large enough for wheelchair accessible vans. You must have an accessibility (handicap) sticker to park on Level D or in any of the other accessible spaces.

Parking Rates

To receive a reduced parking rate, stop by any desk and we will provide you with a reduced rate parking sticker.

Gillette’s Main Entrance

The only entrance to Gillette is on Level D of the Regions Hospital West Ramp. If you park on another level, please take the West Ramp elevator located in the middle of the flat ramp sections, and go to Level D to enter Gillette. Do not use the North Elevators to enter Gillette, located at the east end of the parking ramp. Patients can still use the North elevator to exit the building to the ramp on levels A-E.

Surgery or Advanced Imaging Services

After entering Gillette through Level D of the West Ramp, take the North Elevators in the lobby to the third floor and turn left to enter.