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Children who have disabilities or other chronic medical conditions are often at risk of poor bone health. Poor bone health can be caused by difficulty with feeding, inadequate nutrition, medications, limb contractures (limited range of joint motion), or an inability to perform typical weight-bearing activities. This can lead to an increased rate of fractures, chronic pain and decreased quality of life.


Goals of Bone Health Research

Led by Steven Koop, MD, Susan Novotny, PhD, Alison Schiffern, MD, Kevin Sheridan, MD, Walter Truong, MD and Tonye Sylvanus.

The goals of bone health research are to:

  • Understand how medical conditions affect bone growth.
  • Identify patients who are at risk of complications caused by poor bone health.
  • Investigate treatments that might prevent fragility fractures or pain and restore fragile bone to a healthier state.

Select Ongoing Studies

  • Walter Truong, MD: Effects of Stander Use on Children with Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Walter Truong, MD: Prevention of Recurrent Both-Bone Forearm Fractures
  • Susan Novotny, PhD: Precision Error Estimates of Bone Mineral Density in Children with Cerebral Palsy