Bemidji - Sanford Bemidji Clinic

Gillette specialists visit Bemidji regularly to provide assistive technology and rehabilitation medicine services. Appointments take place at Sanford Bemidji Clinic, Occupational Health/Sports Medicine.

Clinic Dates:

9/18/14  Dr. Murphy (PMR), Orthotics (CC)
9/23/14  Orthotics (CC)
9/25/14  Lindblom NP (PMR), Orthotics (CC)

10/2/14  Lindblom NP (PMR), Orthotics
10/9/14  Dr. Murphy (PMR), Orthotics (CC)
10/14/14  Orthotics (CC)
10/16/14  Dr. Keisling (PMR, Orthotics
10/23/14  Lindblom NP (PMR), Orthotics (CC)
10/28/14  Orthotics (CC)
10/30/14  Dr. Keisling (PMR), Orthotics

11/6/14  Dr. Kiesling (PMR), Orthotics (CC)
11/11/14  Orthotics (CC)
11/13/14  Seating, Rehab Engineering (AAC/CA)
11/20/14  Dr. Murphy (PMR), Orthotics

12/4/14  Lindblom NP (PMR), Orthotics
12/9/14  Orthotics (CC)
12/11/14  Dr. Murphy (PMR), Orthotics (CC)
12/18/14  Dr. Keisling (PMR), Lindblom NP (PMR), Orthotics
12/23/14  Orthotics (CC)

AAC/CA – Consultations for augmentative and alternative communication and computer access options
CC – Gillette CranioCap® orthosis fitting and adjustment
NP – Nurse practitioner
Neuro – Neurology specialist
PMR – Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist




  • Address
    1705 Anne Street, Bemidji, MN 56601
  • Patient Appointments
    651-634-1938 or 800-578-4266 (toll-free)
  • Provider Referrals & Consultations
    651-325-2200 or 855-325-2200 (toll-free)
  • Clinic Phone Number
    For directions call 218-333-4701 or 218-333-4704

Directions & Parking

Click on the tabs below for directions and parking information.

Red Lake Area

Take MN-89 south for about 26 miles. Take the exit on the left onto US-2/Paul Bunyan Dr. Less than a mile down the road, take a left onto US-71. Once on US-71, take the first right onto Anne St. and the Sanford Bemidji Clinic will be on the left.


Crookston Area

Take US-2 east for 84 miles. Take the Paul Bunyan Dr./ MN-197 S exit on the left and merge onto US-71 N. Take US-71 to the first right and turn onto Anne St. The Sanford Bemidji Clinic will be on the left.


International Falls Area

Begin by heading southwest on MN-11. Take a left onto US-71 S. Continue south on US-71 for about 75 miles. Once in Blackduck, turn left (south) onto US-71/ Bemidji Rd. NE. Take US-71/Bemidji Rd. NE into Bemidji. Turn left at Anne St. The Sanford Bemidji Clinic will be on the left.

Park Rapids Area

Take US-71 north to Bemidji. Merge onto US-2/US-71 N to the US-71 / MN-197 exit. Once on US-71, take a right onto Anne St. The Sanford Bemidji clinic will be on the left.


Grand Rapids Area

Take US-2 west and continue for about 70 miles. Take the US-71/ Paul Bunyan Dr. exit, on the right and merge onto US-71. Once on US-71, take a right onto Anne St. The Sanford Bemidji Clinic will be on the left.

Free parking is available in the lot in front of the building. Use the Walk-in Clinic entrance.

Our Specialty Services

Click on the links below for a brief overview of our services.

Assistive Technology

Gillette assistive technology specialists provide visits for custom braces (orthoses), custom seating and mobility equipment evaluations.

Orthotics at Gillette »
Seating and Mobility Equipment at Gillette »
Augmentative and Alternative Communication at Gillette »


Rehabilitation Medicine

Gillette rehabilitation medicine specialists visit Bemidji regularly to provide specialty care for patients who have a variety of conditions.

Rehabilitation Medicine at Gillette »

Our Care Team