Welcome to the Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare newsroom. Gillette is the region’s only—and nation’s first—hospital dedicated to serving children, adolescents and adults who have disabilities and complex injuries. As a result, we’ve assembled a team of experts in some of the most highly specialized areas of pediatric medicine, including orthopedics, rehabilitation, craniofacial surgery, neurology and neurosurgery.

Our experts can comment on national and regional health trends, children’s safety topics (including window falls, helmet use, car seat and driving best practices, and water safety), and on a wide range of issues affecting people with disabilities. We can also offer compelling human interest stories featuring our children’s achievements—often, on an exclusive basis. Whatever your need, we strive to provide information and expert interviews as quickly as possible.

Contact Information:

To request an interview or receive a condition update on a patient, contact a member of Gillette’s public relations team. For after-hours requests, call the media pager at 612-580-2192. 

Patty Dunn, Manager,
Communications and Advertising

Steve McCarthy,
Supervisor Communications Platforms

Nick Hanson,
Public Relations Specialist
Kristi Nelson,
Public Relations Specialist

Gillette News

Care Coordination Helps Gillette Families in Greater Minnesota

Kent Dudley pushes a wheelchair up a ramp and into his specially equipped passenger van. He straps his child into the van, but he...

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Family Speaks Out on Dangers of Drinking and Driving

In the past five years, nearly 500 people died on Minnesota roads due to drunk driving-related crashes. So, when the Minnesota Department of Public...

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Steven Koop, MD, Has Put Patients First for 30 Years

Steven Koop, M.D., sits back in his chair, his long legs crossed casually, his hands folded in his lap as he listens intently to the young girl...

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Redefining Colten’s Childhood After Mystery Illness

Jamie Case kisses her 2-year-old son, Colten, goodbye as she leaves for her job as a cook at a local Litchfield, Minnesota, restaurant. Colten has...

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Girl Scout’s Greatest Achievement is Being a Kid

Ava Champe walks side-by-side with her classmate, Maddy. School’s out for the day and they’re headed to their weekly Girl Scout troop...

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A Miracle Carried Out By Many Hands

On July 7, 2014, our then 14-year-old son, Willi, fell off his longboard in the neighborhood. (A longboard is a type of skateboard that’s longer...

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Rare Surgery Helps Donovan Live an Active Life

Donovan Bohn approaches the waves on Waikiki Beach the way he approaches everything in life—with passion and enthusiasm. Kelley Bohn’s...

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Improving Patients’ Lives by Transforming Appearance

There’s something extraordinary about a child’s face. It’s the feature most visible to the world, with the power to build...

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What Happens When You Have Your First Seizure

Even eight years later, George Jamison clearly remembers the moment. He was with his older brother, Jack, at summer camp, having the type of fun...

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Study: Trampoline Park Injuries on the Rise

According to research published recently in the journal Pediatrics (and highlighted in national media) the number of trampoline park injuries has...

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Gillette Employee Featured in NY Times

Editor’s Note:  Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare employee Rachel Wobschall is featured in the July 31 Sunday New York Times....

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Darius’ Remarkable Journey from Lithuania to Minnesota

“I bet you didn’t know I was adopted from Lithuania,” shares Darius, smiling. The 13-year-old’s new family and life in the...

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