Welcome to the Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare newsroom. Gillette is the region’s only—and nation’s first—hospital dedicated to serving children, adolescents and adults who have disabilities and complex injuries. As a result, we’ve assembled a team of experts in some of the most highly specialized areas of pediatric medicine, including orthopedics, rehabilitation, craniofacial surgery, neurology and neurosurgery.

Our experts can comment on national and regional health trends, children’s safety topics (including window falls, helmet use, car seat and driving best practices, and water safety), and on a wide range of issues affecting people with disabilities. We can also offer compelling human interest stories featuring our children’s achievements—often, on an exclusive basis. Whatever your need, we strive to provide information and expert interviews as quickly as possible.

Contact Information:

To request an interview or receive a condition update on a patient, contact a member of Gillette’s public relations team. For after-hours requests, call the media pager at 612-580-2192. 

Patty Dunn, Manager,
Communications and Advertising

Steve McCarthy,
Supervisor Communications Platforms

Nick Hanson,
Public Relations Specialist
Kristi Nelson,
Public Relations Specialist

Gillette News

Preparation Provides Calm Before Orthopedic Surgery

“I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power and the more I understand the more I’ll be able to help my grandson,” Audrey...

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Easing Stress for Parents, Caregivers of Kids Who Have Disabilities

Bobbi Blanchard had been spending nights on a trundle bed, keeping an eye on her daughter, Joelle.  And her body was rebelling. Because Joelle...

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Tragedy Turns to Triumph; One Boy’s Remarkable Recovery

Recently, not one, but two doctors reached out to the Gillette communications team about the remarkable turnaround of patient Yael Rodriguez....

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Listening is the Key for Award-winning Doctor

It’s a bit ironic that the recent Family Voices of Minnesota Award is given to a doctor known for her good listening skills.  Patient...

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Meet Us Monday - Alex Wuornos, Occupational Therapist

What is your position and role at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare? I have been working as an Outpatient Occupational Therapist (OT) at...

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“Everything is Awesome” with Premier of LEGO Wheelchair Figure

This week, LEGO company unveiled its first-ever figure to have a disability.  Clad in a skull cap and hoodie and sitting in a wheelchair, the...

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Gillette Children’s Expert Offers Tips to Prevent Kids from Injury During Winter Sports, Activities

Snow and cool temperatures don’t have to be synonymous with children glued to computer screens and television sets. From skiing and snowboarding...

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Gillette Children’s Neurologist Offers Expertise, Precautions for Zika Virus

Stories about a mosquito borne disease called Zika virus have dominated headlines in recent weeks as its presence has traveled to areas of Central...

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Nurse-Patient Bond Inspires Dramatic Transformation

When does a routine doctor’s appointment become the highlight of your day?  When you’re Samantha Lademann—and you’ve just...

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Nick’s Life With Benign Rolandic Epilepsy

How would you describe your child to someone who hasn't met him or her? Nick is a super sweet boy. He’s funny, very active and a little...

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New Therapy Pool Will Serve More Patients

Esme and Henrick Erickson—3-year-old siblings from a set of triplets—love their pool therapy. Both have cerebral palsy. During the past...

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Giving Back is Christmas Eve Tradition for Mom N’ Pop Pizza Shop

Year after year, without fuss or advertising, John and Kathy Weatherston of John’s Pizza Café in the Como neighborhood of St. Paul open...

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