Summer Intern Program

The summer intern program at Gillette offers a unique experience for students entering their final year of nursing studies.

Participants apply nursing theory and enhance their decision-making skills while working alongside one of our exceptional registered nurses. Gillette is recognized for excellence in specialty care for people with short-term and long-term disabilities that begin during childhood.

Internships are available in the following inpatient and surgical areas:

Orientation and Continuing Education

Our program runs for 10 to 12 weeks each summer and begins with orientation the Tuesday after Memorial Day. The orientation acclimates participants to Gillette and to individual nursing units. It includes a variety of hands-on training opportunities in addition to structured classroom time.

Participants learn about our organization, essential policies and procedures, pain management techniques, safety guidelines and electronic medical records. Summer interns may take part in additional education opportunities throughout the program.

Employment and Scheduling

Summer interns work 32 to 40 hours per week. This is a paid internship and summer interns are eligible to receive additional pay for evening, night and weekend shifts. (Shifts might occur on a rotating basis.) Interns are not eligible for benefits.

Opportunities for continued employment as an on-call nursing assistant, a patient-care technician, or a nursing assistant/health unit coordinator might be available.


Summer interns are expected to work weekends and holidays as their schedule requires.

Performance Appraisals

Shortly before the internship ends, an evaluation process will take place. Summer interns will submit a self-evaluation and a brief essay (150 words or fewer) to the education and professional development specialist.

The essay should be a reflective journal describing a nurse role model and/or a “high point” that will affect the participant’s future nursing practice.

The preceptor will provide feedback on the summer intern’s performance. An exit interview ends the evaluation process.


Participants must:

  • Be entering their final year of an ADN, BSN or Master’s RN program with no previous registered nursing experience.
  • Provide current CPR-BLS for Healthcare Provider certification.
  • Submit resume, official school transcript and recommendation letters from two nursing faculty members to:

    Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare
    Human Resources (Attention Colleen Brady)
    200 University Avenue East
    St. Paul, MN 55101
  • Be able to attend and participate for the entire length of the internship.
  • Provide a list of personal goals for your intern experience on the first day of the program.

Summer Intern Skills Development

Gillette summer interns will be able to develop such skills as:

  • Assisting with the collection and reporting of data (e.g., vital signs, vascular and neurological checks, and responses to pain management medications/side effects)
  • Participate in therapeutic communication
  • Contribute to patients’ nursing care plans
  • Provide patient care based on validated skills:
    • Oral, nasal and tracheal suctioning
    • Intermittent and indwelling catheterization
    • Use of a bladder scan
    • Enteral feedings and care of feeding tubes
    • Tracheostomy cares
    • Application and cares of adaptive equipment devices
    • Cast cares
    • Nursing assistant tasks, such as ADLs and feeding
    • Turning/positioning and ambulation.

A registered nurse must supervise, document and co-sign for any care a summer intern provides to a patient.

How to Apply

Intern positions are posted specifically to our listing of job openings in December.

View open positions at Gillette.

Apply online to each position that you are interested in pursuing. The nurse recruiter will review resumes and interviews will be scheduled during the months of December and January with offers being made by mid-February. Due to the volume of resumes received, only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

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