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A Colorful Celebration of Our Growth

Posted On: 07/12/2010

Categories: Expansion Updates

When you’re next at our St. Paul clinic, you’ll notice a bright splash of color nearby the construction activity in Margaret Perryman’s former office. It’s all because of a vibrant new mural created specially for Gillette by attorney and artist Karolyn Stirewalt. But the 16- by 7-foot mural is more than a pretty picture — it’s a celebration of Gillette’s expansion and recognizes the patients, staff, and supporters who mean so much to our hospital.

Wondering what inspired Karolyn to donate her artwork to Gillette? Curious what kinds of things you’ll spot in the mural? Watch this video message from the artist herself.

As you just heard from Karolyn, our mural includes things — real things, like doctors, therapy dogs, and volunteers — that you might spot at Gillette. For example, here’s a patient favorite: therapy dog Sasha.

And here are a few nearby St. Paul landmarks.

Click here to read Minnesota Medicine’s online story about how our mural came to Gillette. To see more of Karolyn’s colorful work, visit her website or join the Splash of Red Studio group on Facebook.