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Gillette’s Dietitians Wish You a Happy (and Healthy) Halloween

Posted On: 10/27/2010

Halloween is a day for pumpkin carving, costumes and, of course, for candy. In October’s guest post from Gillette dietitians Karri Larson and Stephanie Campbell, here are some parenting tips for ramping up the ‘healthy’ factor in a sugar-filled holiday, from healthy halloween food to what to do with all that halloween candy. “It’s important to remember that Halloween is just one day of the year,” says Larson. “Make it fun and festive for your kids — but don’t let it become a season!”

Let your kids choose a few favorite pieces of halloween candy, then donate the leftovers to a military organization, Meals on Wheels, a children or women’s shelter, or nursing home. Some dentist offices will even take candy.

Offer to buy your kids’ candy if they have a hard time parting with it. Offer them $0.10 or $0.25 a piece, or another reward that will entice them.

It’s never a good idea to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Similarly, it’s a bad idea for trick-or-treating! Send your kids off with a full stomach of good food from a well balanced meal.

Give out Halloween candy alternatives like spooky-themed stickers, fun pencils, or pre-packaged popcorn, pretzels, or packs of gum.

Give your kids a time limit for trick-or-treating, or allow them to trick-or-treat just in your local neighborhood.

To take the focus off candy, play fun spooky games or watch a kid-friendly Halloween movie after trick-or-treating.

From all of us at Gillette, have a safe and happy Halloween!

In a Halloween tradition, Gillette employees dress in costume while inpatients and outpatients trick-or-treat around the hospital.

Free Rides for Voters November 2

Posted On: 10/26/2010

November elections are just one week away on Tuesday, Nov. 2. No matter your political viewpoints, we can all agree that voting is an opportunity to make your voice heard — and an essential part of the democratic process.

Getting to the polls can pose unique challenges for people who don’t have their own transportation due to a disability or other health challenge.  In fact, recent findings indicate that people with disabilities are, on average, 20 percent less likely to vote than those without a disability.

In an effort to improve turnout, the nonpartisan group Minnesota Participation Project is offering FREE and fully accessible rides to the polls for anyone in need. Call 1-877-50-RIDES to reserve a ride ahead of time. Or, call on Election Day itself.  (Remember, you have the right to ask for assistance, or to bring someone to assist you, at the polls).

If you’re not registered to vote, signing up is easy. Simply bring to the polls:

1)      Any current bill with your name and address


2)      A proof of current residence. Your Minnesota Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit, Minnesota State ID, Tribal ID, Minnesota College Student ID, or U.S. Passport

Do you know where your polling place is? Click here to find out

St. Paul Skyway: Opening Soon!

Posted On: 10/20/2010

Things are progressing quickly at the site of our soon-to-be-complete new building and skyway. Much of the construction activity is now happening inside, as crews paint and finish installation of everything from elevators to light fixtures, carpet, doors, and restrooms.  Think of it as the building’s “internal organs,” so to speak.

But there’s plenty of activity outside, too. Large pieces of stone (weighing 3,000 lbs. each!) are arriving daily, part of a retaining wall adjacent to the building. And just this week, our exterior signage — located on both the skyway and the building itself — arrived on-site. Here’s a view from University Avenue:

As you can see, our new building is getting closer to completion every day. In fact, the top floor — where physician and administrative offices will relocate — will be ready for move-in in a little more than a month (the building’s other floors, housing our Center for Gait and Motion Analysis and Rehabilitation Therapies, will open for patients in late January).  

Remember this video message from our CEO, Margaret Perryman, on her office move to make way for our skyway? Stay tuned for a follow-up as she again packs up and moves to the top floor of our new building.

KS95 for Kids Radiothon Returning in December!

Posted On: 10/12/2010

The holidays are a time for generosity, giving — and, of course, for shopping. And this December, you’ll have a great opportunity to do both at the KS95 for Kids Radiothon! The Radiothon will broadcast from Sears Court in the Mall of America on Friday, Dec. 10, and Saturday, Dec. 11.

During the Radiothon, you can tune into KS95 (94.5 FM) to hear stories of Gillette kids — kids who have disabilities, or are recovering from traumatic injuries — and kids fighting cancer who’ve been helped by Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF). As always, Gillette and CCRF split the proceeds. You can call in a donation or make one in person at the Mall of America.

Want to get the latest Radiothon news and updates? “Like” KS95 for Kids on Facebook. On Twitter? Follow us @KS95forKids.

Speaking Up for Prevention of — and Protection from — Bullying

Posted On: 10/12/2010

Bullying. We’ve witnessed it, or even experienced it, at school. We hear about its consequences on the news. While such harassment may seem funny to the bullies themselves, it’s far from a laughing matter for its thousands of victims.

Recent tragedies on both local and national levels have prompted two Minnesota lawmakers to, today, re-introduce an anti-bullying law aimed at protecting victims of bullying from its physical, and emotional, costs. The proposed bill would require that Minnesota schools update their anti-bullying policies to include qualities outlined in the Minnesota Human Rights Act. It would also prohibit bullying in all forms — including cyber-bullying — and mandate re-training of school officials.

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. With school in full swing, now’s the time to talk to your child or teen about the serious ramifications bullying can have. It’s a good time, too, to take a close look at your child. Is he or she showing warning signs of being bullied?

State Senator D. Scott Dibble discusses the importance of anti-bullying legislation with local television and news reporters.

State Representative Jim Davnie echoes the concern, citing recent examples of harassment’s consequences.

Dr. Eric Meininger, a pediatric specialist at Gillette, tells media how bullying impacts kids’ development and cites specific examples of children bullied for having a disability.