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Celebrating Longtime Supporters—and a New Space for Gillette Families

Posted On: 08/24/2010

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Our new building and skyway at our St. Paul hospital will be opening later this year. But yesterday, we celebrated the opening of two key pieces to our expansion project: the Dairy Queen Family Room, and a new Health Resources and Education area (formerly called the Family Resource Center).

In Health Resources and Education, patients and families can access books, magazines, DVDs and online materials about disabilities. There’s plenty of seating, and even an area to watch videos.

The Dairy Queen Family Room — made possible thanks to a generous grant from DQ, our Children’s Miracle Network partner for over 25 years — is a special space for families to relax and enjoy snacks and beverages while they’re waiting for their child’s appointment. And with the opening of a Ginkgo Coffee Shop less than two weeks away (which will offer coffee, lattes and other brewed drinks, along with sandwiches, salads, sweets and more) families will have plenty to snack on!

We invited our DQ friends and Gillette staff to see the beautiful new space and enjoy some tasty Dilly Bars. And Gillette’s Margaret Perryman, had a special message for DQ. Check out a video of her speech, here.

And here are some photos of the new space!

Here's a view of our new Dairy Queen Family Room.


Some patient volunteers handed out Dairy Queen treats to celebrate the new space.


Here's the entrance to our new Health Resources and Education area.