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Costco Gets Creative With ‘Miracle Zoo’

Posted On: 05/24/2010

Throughout Miracle Month of May, Minnesota Costco stores sell Miracle Balloons to customers, with proceeds coming back to help Gillette kids.  Of course, we appreciate ALL of our Costco stores for their support! But we couldn’t help but highlight the Maple Grove Costco, a store that’s taking an especially creative approach to fundraising this year!  Artistic employees created 3-D animals and other “sculptures,” all made of paper Miracle Balloons, and displayed them throughout the store.

You’ll find a variety of animals here, in the Miracle Zoo. No need to steer clear of these cages! 

But it’s more than a zoo. Look around the store, and you’ll see kid sculptures, too.

A boy and girl, riding a teeter-totter of Miracle Balloons!

A paper-thin Minnesota Twins fan.

Already this month, our friends at Costco have raised more than $67,000 for Gillette. And May isn’t over yet! Be sure to stop by your neighborhood Costco to stock up on Memorial Day supplies. While you’re there, be sure to ask your cashier how YOU can buy a Miracle Balloon.