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Fall the Time for Lyme Arthritis Awareness

Posted On: 09/30/2010

Categories: Safety and Wellness

School in full swing means family camping trips, weekends at the cabin, and other summertime activities may have ended.  But it’s now, and in the months ahead, that parents should be aware of warning signs for Lyme arthritis, one of the major symptoms of Lyme disease.   

Lyme disease is caused by a notorious summer pest—a deer tick—that transmits infection through its bite.  Because deer ticks are tiny (about the size of a sesame seed!) they can be easy to miss. In fact, lots of people who contract Lyme disease don’t even remember being bitten until they start to show symptoms.

Luckily, most ticks do not carry Lyme disease.  But it’s still important for parents to be aware of some common symptoms of Lyme arthritis: one, or several, swollen large joints (especially the knee) and a fever. Here’s Gillette rheumatologist Richard Vehe, M.D., with more on symptoms and treatment.


For more information, here’s an article on Lyme arthritis by Gillette pediatric rheumatologist Evren Akin, M.D.