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First View from Gillette’s New Skyway

Posted On: 05/18/2010

Our CEO, Margaret Perryman, might have the best view in the house — for now. But it’s nothing compared to looking at our new building from the skyway that’s taking shape over University Avenue in St. Paul.  Just see for yourself! 

Of course, it’s still ‘construction crews only’ — and will be until fall, as work continues on our patient-care building and skyway. This past weekend, crews poured the concrete floor and roof of the skyway. What about the walls?  They’ll come later. And they’ll be glass, so patients and families can look out on the city, cars, and even see the State Capitol building.

We hope Margaret is enjoying her view — because, this Friday, she’ll move to temporary space to accommodate construction. As you can see, her office window is exactly the spot where our skyway will connect with the hospital. (And even if she did stay in her office, we think she’d find the noise and dust a little bit distracting!)

Margaret's office looks directly INTO the skyway!