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Gillette Clinic Reveals Disorder Behind Excessive Sleep

Posted On: 02/11/2010

Categories: Patient Stories

Arianna Hall is a bubbly and energetic 6-year-old who’s at the top of her kindergarten class.  But just last fall, Arianna’s personality was quite the opposite — sleepy, sluggish and withdrawn.  “She needed an unusual amount of sleep. And even after a full night’s rest, she would always be tired during the day,” says her mom, Jessi.  As Arianna’s excessive sleepiness continued and she began to fall behind in school, the family turned to Gillette for answers.  Pediatric sleep specialist John Garcia, M.D., ordered an overnight sleep study for Arianna — with surprising results.

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Today, Arianna is wide-awake during the day. And at school, she’s making up for lost time. “I have my daughter back!” exclaims Jessi Hall.