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Gillette Nurses Are Transforming Care at the Bedside!

Posted On: 07/11/2010

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If you picked up the Star Tribune this morning, chances are good that you noticed a front-page story about an exciting national initiative, Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB), aimed at increasing the time nurses spend with patients by improving organization and efficiency. You may have also noticed that our post-surgical unit, also known as 4 West, was prominently featured in the article. That’s because Gillette’s 4 West nurses were among the first in Minnesota to adopt TCAB — with visible success!

The TCAB team displays the 4 West nurses' bulletin board of achievements.

We kicked off TCAB last August, with nurses brainstorming things they’d like to improve on their unit. They prioritized the ideas and began to test them out. To date, improvements have included (but aren’t limited to) things like:

•  Creating respiratory response baskets so nurses can immediately access supplies to care for patients in need of oxygen.
•  Adding computers on wheels (nicknamed “COWS”) to improve nurses’ ability to practice real-time charting — entering medications into a patient’s file as soon as they’ve been administered.
•  Converting a patient room into storage space for wheelchairs and other supplies, giving nurses easy access to equipment. Nurses also gained a staff bathroom, which saved them a walk away from the unit.
•  Changing the way families receive patient education materials. Instead of giving out copies to each family, a patient education binder is now permanently housed in each room and encased in plastic for easy cleaning.
•  Adding whiteboards to patient rooms with information like the nurses’ first name, and when procedures like x-rays are scheduled. Whiteboards even have space for families to write down their questions.
•  Testing new ways to make patient “hand-offs” between nurses at shift change more efficient.
•  Creating locked supply cabinets in each patient room, saving nurses trips to-and from the room for supplies — and increasing the time spent with patients.

So what does TCAB mean for Gillette?  Happy nurses, satisfied families and, most importantly, more time spent at the bedside with the people who matter most — our patients.

If you missed the link to the Star Tribune article above, click here to read the story.