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Independence Day for Gillette’s Operating Rooms!

Posted On: 08/19/2010

Say the words “Independence Day” and one date usually comes to mind — July 4th.  But for Gillette’s surgery department, freedom came a little earlier this year.  That’s because, in mid-June, we opened our very own reprocessing facility in St. Paul.

But what, exactly, does reprocessing mean?  It’s a fancy word for the area where surgical instruments are sterilized, dried, and prepared for their next use.  Our new reprocessing facility is saving our staff LOTS of time.  That’s because, until this summer, we shared Regions Hospital’s reprocessing center — a 10 minute walk, both ways, from our surgery suites.  Just think about how much time and effort that took staff to transport equipment back and forth!

So this June, after months of construction, our brand new reprocessing facility is open for business.  Conveniently located next to our operating rooms, it gives Gillette staff everything they need to sterilize our equipment.  But most importantly, it lays the groundwork for a major expansion of our surgery suites that begins in 2011— an expansion that includes growing our number of operating rooms, and making ALL of our surgery suites large enough to accommodate the complex surgeries our patients so often need. 

Here’s the reprocessing team with the sign announcing our “independence day”.

This instrument washer can heat instruments up to 194 degrees.

This steam sterilizer heats equipment to 275 degrees. Now that’s HOT!