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Let the Pouring Begin!

Posted On: 03/03/2010

It’s a little early for April showers. But, this week, there’s a different kind of “pouring” taking place on our hillside. Crews began pouring the first of many concrete footings that will ultimately support the weight of our new building and all of its contents. These footings — a mix of concrete and steel, called rebar — will keep our building strong and stable, no matter the season.

Wondering how much concrete we’ll need for our building’s footings? To give you an idea, one truckload yields about 10 cubic yards of concrete. And our first (and biggest) footing will need an impressive 150 yards total – now that’s heavy!

Concrete is poured into the hillside’s largest footing. This particular footing will support our new building’s elevator shafts.

It will take several more weeks to pour all of our building’s footings. In the meantime, crews are moving full speed ahead on another piece of the project — steel beams that will support the building’s interior and exterior walls. These massive beams, called H Beams, are drilled more than 20 feet into the earth. Then they’re secured with concrete.  Click here to see this process in real time.

These H beams are drilled deep into the earth, then secured in place with concrete.