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One Final Push to Support Gillette

Posted On: 03/10/2010

Categories: Disability Advocacy
As you may have heard in the media, the Minnesota Bonding Bill is scheduled to go to Governor Pawlenty as soon as today, Thursday, March 11.  Governor Pawlenty has indicated that he is willing to work with the bill, but may need to line item veto some of the projects in it to get closer to the size he has requested.
Currently, Gillette is included in bill for $10 million which would support the greatly needed expansion of our surgical area.
We are hoping we can ask you to simply pick up the phone and leave a 15-second request for the Governor.  Leaving a voice mail or a message with the person who answers the phone is fine.
We would like to get as many people as possible to call the Governor today at (651) 296-3391 (or toll free: (800) 657-3717).  So please feel free to forward this email to friends and family in Minnesota.
The message is simple:
1. Let him know that Gillette is important to you.
2. Thank him for his support of Gillette in the past, and encourage him to support the Gillette project and not line item veto it.
Thank you for your ongoing support!