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Our New Building’s “Skeleton” Takes Shape

Posted On: 04/19/2010

More exciting changes are taking place on the site of our new patient-care building in St. Paul, scheduled to open later this year. The first deliveries of steel — which will ultimately serve as our building’s “skeletal system” — arrived on-site last week. (Pardon the metaphor — we’re a hospital after all!) Crews are already putting the steel in place, with a little help from the large cranes seen below. The process is far from complete. But you can already see the very beginnings of walls, and even floors, starting to take shape.

Take a look at today’s photo from Margaret Perryman, our CEO, to see what a difference 3 weeks can make. And not just to our building. The treeline above looks a whole lot greener:

Here’s a photo we shared on April 1st:

As some workers secure our steel beams, others are hard at work pouring the concrete of our building’s footings and walls. There is still a LOT of concrete yet to be poured!