Paralympic Athletes Sign the CurePity pledge and Win!

Posted On: Oct 2, 2012

Former Gillette patients Justin Zook of Plymouth, Anna Eames of Golden Valley and Jon Rydberg of Oakdale signed the pledge to CurePity prior to leaving for the 2012 Paralympics in London in August.

Zook won a gold medal and set a world record in the men’s swimming S10 100-meter backstroke. Eames, who was co-captain of the women’s swim team, anchored the 400-meter freestyle women’s swimming relay team and received a silver medal. Rydberg participated in the men’s wheelchair tennis singles and doubles, but did not receive a medal.

Why did these athletes take the pledge to CurePity? Children who have disabilities don’t need pity. They need hope, expert medical care and a world that gives them a chance. In short, they need people like you.

When you pledge to CurePity, you promise to reject pity and take action to improve the lives and health of children who have disabilities. Join these talented athletes and sign the CurePity pledge today!