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Raising The Walls

Posted On: 03/21/2010

If you’ve been watching our live Webcam lately, you’ve probably noticed a lot of changes taking place on our hillside—or, more accurately, lack of hillside and beginnings of Gillette’s new patient care building.  Just two weeks ago, crews began pouring the concrete footings that will support our new building’s weight. But there’s a lot more to pour than just footings—every building needs, well, walls!  This week, we’ve seen our building’s very first concrete walls beginning to take shape.

Just Like Baking a Cake?

How do you create a wall from liquid concrete?  It’s kind of like baking a cake (except, a really heavy cake). First, you pour the cake batter into a pan. Then, you then stick the pan in the oven so the batter can set.

Of course, making concrete walls is a lot more complicated — but the basic idea is the same. Crews pour liquid concrete into temporary casings called forms. The forms remain in place while the concrete hardens into a sturdy wall.

Raising the Walls, Through the Lens of Our CEO

Take a look at these two photos from Gillette CEO Margaret Perryman to see how much can change in just a short amount of time.

Early Last Week:

On the left side of this picture, you’ll see forms in place—it’s almost time to pour the building’s first wall. The black stuff in the center of the picture is waterproofing.

 Later That Week:

Hello blue sky! It’s not just the weather that’s changed. Forms have been removed, revealing beginnings of a concrete wall. Waterproofing continues on the back wall, with concrete to follow in the weeks ahead.