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Thank You, Gillette Supporters!

Posted On: 03/16/2010

Categories: Disability Advocacy

We have exciting news to share.  Earlier this week, we received word that Governor Pawlenty had finished his review of the Capital Investment Bill.  As he had promised, he did exercise the line item veto to remove nearly $320 million in projects from the original $999 million bill.
However, the $10 million that was included for Gillette’s surgical expansion was not cut and was included in the final law.
This news will allow us to move forward with our much-needed surgery expansion later this year.  We know many of you took the time to write or call your state senators and representatives over the past few months urging their support.  And in just the past two weeks, hundreds of you wrote or called Governor Pawlenty to ask for his support.

Our expanded surgical suites will be large enough to accommodate the complex surgeries so many of our patients need. They’ll also feature state-of-the art equipment and the latest advancements in surgical technology.

Thanks to our patient families, staff, and community advocates for all you have done, and continue to do, to support Gillette. We’ll post news and updates on our surgical expansion here, so check back often.