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Tons (and More Tons) of Concrete

Posted On: 03/31/2010

It’s an ever-changing scene over at the site of our new patient care building in St. Paul. In fact, it’s looking more and more like an actual building each day. That’s thanks to immense amounts of concrete, delivered truckload by truckload, then poured to create the beginnings of our building’s outer walls. Last week, crews poured our very first wall. But what a difference a week makes—we now have a tall cement wall directly against our hillside.

Margaret Perryman, our CEO, continues to excitedly monitor our progress. Take a look at this week’s photo, taken right from her office window:

And here is a close-up:

So far, we’ve used more than 1,150 cubic yards (just one cubic yard is the same as 4,200 pounds!) of concrete. But it’s a slow going process. To ensure the concrete dries with strength and stability, crews must pour just 4 feet per hour — starting at the ground level and steadily pouring higher and higher walls. 

In more exciting news, the first of our building’s steel beams should arrive next week. Be sure to check back often to see our building’s steel “skeleton” take shape.