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We Are (Again) a Top Workplace!

Posted On: 06/21/2011

The Star Tribune has again named Gillette among its Top Workplaces of 2011, a list of the 140 best places to work in Minnesota. This year, Gillette ranked 8th in the Top Large Companies category, which includes both public and private companies, as well as nonprofit organizations like Gillette.

So, how does the survey work? Companies choose to take part, agreeing to allow employees to take a confidential survey. Organizations are then ranked within their size group (categories include small, medium, and large employers) based solely on the employee responses.

We can’t thank our staff members enough for their hard work and dedication to providing the very best in pediatric specialty care. It’s because of their expertise, and their commitment to our mission, that families seek out Gillette from throughout Minnesota, around the U.S., and even from other counties.

Want to see the passion of Gillette staff members firsthand? Take a look at this video — featuring rehabilitation care coordinator Jill Olson, along with several other employees — telling the world how they feel about working at Gillette.