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Welcome to Gillette, Starlight Fun Center!

Posted On: 03/25/2010

When Gillette kids come to the hospital, they’ll have a brand new activity to pass the time and brighten their day.  And it’s all thanks to some very special friends.

The newest addition to our waiting room - a Starlight Fun Center.

What is a Starlight Fun Center, you ask? In a nutshell, it’s an entertainment unit that promises to bring hours and hours of fun to our patients, whether they’re waiting for a doctor appointment or staying here at the hospital after surgery or for inpatient therapy. Kids can use the Fun Center to play Nintendo Wii — there’s nearly 50 different games pre-loaded in the system — or can choose a DVD to pass the time. 

Best of all, the Fun Center doesn’t have to stay in just one place. While it’s usually located on our 4th floor lobby during the day, staff can move the unit to any of Gillette’s inpatient units for evenings and weekends.   

Our Fun Center’s been in our waiting room for about a month. Staff say it’s already a favorite activity for our kids! But until yesterday, we hadn’t had a chance to thank our generous friends from Cub Foods and Colgate Palmolive for donating the Fun Center to Gillette. So we held a special dedication ceremony to officially welcome the system — and thanked our visitors with a custom-made piece of patient artwork.

Keith Wyche, president of Cub Foods, cuts the ribbon on our new Fun Center with Gillette's Jon Galloway and Colgate's Jim Webb.

Gillette presented our Cub and Colgate visitors with child artwork to commemorate the great day.