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We’re Building a Bigger, and Better, PICU

Posted On: 02/21/2010

Take a look around Gillette, and you’ll soon realize there’s as much construction activity in our existing hospital space as there is across University Avenue. That’s because crews are hard at work building an expanded Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in the space formerly occupied by Gillette’s Rehabilitation Therapies department. 

Plans for our new PICU began as early as last summer — when the American College of Surgeons recognized Regions Hospital, in partnership with Gillette, as the state’s first Level I Pediatric Trauma Center. Level I designation means we’ll see even greater numbers of critically-injured children. But our current PICU simply isn’t large enough to keep up with the demand we’re expecting to see.

The entrance to our new PICU (top) and one of 10 patient rooms (bottom).

Our expanded PICU will increase our patient capacity from six beds to 10 — so we’ll always have a bed for every child that needs our care. Patient rooms will be private, with space for a loved one to stay overnight. All-glass doors and windows into patient rooms will help nurses keep a watchful eye on patients recovering from injuries or surgery.  We’re also adding special facilities for families needing to stay overnight with their child — in some cases, unexpectedly. Families will have access to showers, as well as a private lounge space.

Clearly, we’ve still got work to do! But in just 3 short months, our new PICU will be open and caring for patients.