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We’re Growing Our Services for Northland Families!

Posted On: 06/29/2010

We’ve been keeping you updated on the fast-moving construction of our new building and skyway on our St. Paul campus. But you may not know that we’re expanding elsewhere in Minnesota, too! Earlier this month, we opened the Brainerd Lakes Clinic — a new clinic in Baxter, Minn., that will serve as a permanent hub for assistive-technology services for area patients and families.

A Gillette presence in Brainerd isn’t new. Our Mobile Outreach Clinic — traveling clinics that bring Gillette’s clinicians and services to families in greater Minnesota — has been serving area families for more than 25 years. By having a permanent assistive-technology base in the Brainerd area, our Mobile Outreach Clinic can travel to neighboring communities like Bemidji and Grand Rapids more often. Best of all, we’ll be able to treat growing numbers of children in central and northern Minnesota who need our care.

Here’s a sneak peek inside our Brainerd Lakes Clinic assistive-technology laboratory. We’ll fabricate, fit and adjust a variety of things here, from braces to CranioCaps and seating systems.

Our new clinic is located here. Gillette signage coming soon!

We’re not the only ones excited about the Brainerd Lakes Clinic. Employees at the nearby Baxter Walmart — a top fundraiser for Gillette through it’s partnership with Children’s Miracle Network — were thrilled to hear of the new local connection.

Gillette’s northern Minnesota nurse, Joni Parker, and her daughter, Emma, purchased toys for the new clinic. They were all donated by our friends at the Baxter Walmart.

Interested in learning more about our new clinic? Click here to read a news release. If you’d like to make an appointment in the Brainerd area, call 800-578-4266 or visit