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Where’s the Dirt?

Posted On: 02/24/2010

Last fall, our hillside looked like this:

Now, it looks like this:

So what’s changed? That’s easy — there’s a whole lot less dirt.  Dump trucks have been steadily hauling dirt from our hillside, making way for the steel structure that will transform into our new patient care building. And, not to brag, but our dirt is in high demand. That’s because, while we have plenty, there’s other construction sites that don’t have enough.  But we’re happy to share!  We’re hauling dirt to sites throughout the Twin Cities, where it will be used to level uneven elevations and for landscaping.

All in all, crews will remove a whopping 45,000 tons of dirt from our hillside—an average of 3,150 tons each day.  Dirt removal should be finished this week, just as crews begin pouring the concrete foundations of our new building. These foundations, called footings, will ultimately support the weight of our building and all of its contents (people included)!

CEO Photo of the Week

Gillette CEO Margaret Perryman captured the dirt removal process on her camera this week.