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Win-It Wednesday

Posted On: 05/22/2012

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Win-It Wednesday: Do you recognize this place at Gillette? Leave a comment with your best guess and we’ll choose someone at random to receive an “I Love Gillette” t-shirt! Remember, you must comment below for a chance to win!


Healing Garden!

By Meghan M. on 08/16/2012


It is the Healing Garden.  We were just there yesterday and had a lot of fun making music!

By Ann T. on 08/15/2012


We haven’t been to the St. Paul campus, but from the other responses above, sounds like it is located there.  We are going to the St. Paul campus in early Sept and will definitely have to check it out!  So thankful for the Other campuses closer to our home!!!

By Sue Gorka on 08/15/2012


The healing garden right next to the Therapy center on the main campus! What a nice space to get out and enjoy some fresh air!

By Abby A on 08/15/2012


This would be called the Healing Garden I beleive. My friend is staying at Gillete’s and I would like to win this shirt for him.

By Payge Clark on 08/15/2012