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Working Towards Seizure-Free, With Help From A Gillette Neurologist

Posted On: 02/17/2010

Categories: Patient Stories

When Mark and Sandy Brull moved from California to the Twin Cities 3 years ago, they knew to expect autumn colors, snowy winters, and those telltale Midwestern accents.  But the family discovered something else, as well — Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare and a neurologist who’s helping their little girl, 9-year-old Maya, overcome a mysterious seizure disorder.

Mark Brull describes his daughter (left, with her sister) as a charmer. “She radiates sweetness. Just being around her is a pleasure.”

Maya had her first seizure when she was just 3 ½ years old. She was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy — a condition that means, quite simply, that her seizures are difficult for doctors to control.  She’s been under the care of Dr. Galen Breningstall, a Gillette neurologist, for more than 3 years. The medication he’s prescribed has helped reduce the severity and the duration of Maya’s seizures, leaving her more time to play, learn, and just be a kid.

An EEG at Gillette maps Maya’s brain waves, helping doctors better understand her seizures.

While there’s still work to be done — Maya’s epilepsy is among the most complex cases Dr. Breningstall has seen — the Brulls know he’s committed to helping their daughter live life to the fullest. “He is just wonderful,” says Mark. “If he hasn’t heard from us in a week, he’ll send an email. He’ll email us back on Sundays. And if he has a new idea, a new medication to try, he’ll contact us right away.” 

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