Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery

Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare is a leading provider of craniofacial and plastic surgery for patients who have complex conditions. We are committed to superb outcomes in patients who have conditions such as cleft lip and palate, craniosynostosis, deformational plagiocephaly, and birth marks and skin anomalies.

As part of Gillette’s Center for Craniofacial Services, our surgeons and nurse practitioners also collaborate with experts in speech and language pathology, neurosurgery, dentistry and orthodontics, and other specialties. Through Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare, we serve patients whose needs continue into adulthood.

Why Choose Gillette?

  • Our pediatric craniofacial and plastic surgeons understand the unique needs of people who have conditions that began in childhood and affect their appearance and function.
  • Our experts collaborate to provide comprehensive treatments that both minimize the need for surgery and maximize results.
  • We pride ourselves on achieving the best possible outcomes in appearance and function.
  • Our state-of-the-art technology and facilities are designed specifically for your needs.
  • We believe that people who have disabilities deserve a lifetime of excellent health care — from birth through adulthood.

Our Team

Our team features master surgeons who’ve chosen to specialize in the unique needs of people who have complex conditions that began at birth or during childhood. In addition, our pediatric nurse practitioners provide expert clinical care while supporting patients and families.

Working together, our goal is to minimize the outward effects of many disorders of the face, head and skin.

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Conditions We Treat

We treat a wide variety of conditions that affect the face and skull. We also have expertise in performing plastic surgery for traumatic injuries, hand deformities, complex wounds and other conditions that affect appearance and abilities.

Some of the conditions we treat most often include:

Prenatal Consultations

Because many of the conditions we treat are are diagnosed prenatally, our craniofacial and plastic surgeons also offer prenatal consultations. We'll consult with parents about conditions such as cleft lip and palate, craniosynostosis, craniofacial anomalies and hemangiomas, and educate them about current treatment options, provide appropriate counseling and if parents wish, help them plan a course of treatment.

For more information about the complex conditions we treat at Gillette, search Conditions and Care.

Evaluations and Treatments We Offer

As leaders in craniofacial and plastic surgery, we’re committed to using the latest surgical techniques and technology to achieve superior outcomes. In many cases, we can strive to make an anomaly unnoticeable at a conversational distance, minimizing the impact on a child's function and social development.

In addition to surgical treatment, we offer nonsurgical care for feeding difficulties, deformational plagiocephaly and other problems related to craniofacial conditions.

Some of the tests, treatments and evaluations we offer include:

  • Adoption consultations
  • Audiology tests, including auditory brainstem response (sedated and unsedated)
  • Breastfeeding and feeding evaluations for cleft lip and palate
  • Cleft lip and palate repair
  • Craniofacial and plastic surgery with resorbable fixation to reduce multiple surgeries
  • Craniofacial distraction osteogenesis
  • Endoscopic plastic surgery
  • Evaluations for craniofacial anomalies associates with congenital syndromes suc as 22q11.2 deletion, Apert, Pfieffer or Treacher-Collins
  • Laser therapy for birthmarks and skin anomalies
  • Microsurgery
  • Nasendoscopy and other diagnostic testing unique to craniofacial disorders
  • Nutrition and feeding evaluations and therapy for a wide range of conditions
  • The Gillette CranioCap® orthosis for deformational plagiocephaly

For more information about the tests and treatments we offer at Gillette, search Conditions and Care.

Collaborative Services

Patients who have complex disorders often have many needs in addition to craniofacial and plastic surgery. That’s why Gillette brings together the services our patients need in a way that’s both comprehensive and convenient.

As part of Gillette’s Center for Craniofacial Services, we collaborate with experts in:

For more information about the services we offer at Gillette, search Conditions and Care.

Locations of Service

Burnsville Clinic
Burnsville Clinic

952-223-3400 or 866-881-7386 (toll free)

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Maple Grove Clinic
Maple Grove Clinic

763-496-6000 or 888-218-0642 (toll free)

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Minnetonka Clinic
Minnetonka Clinic

952-936-0977 or 800-277-1250 (toll free)

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St. Paul Campus (Hospital and Clinic)
St. Paul Campus (Hospital and Clinic)

651-291-2848 or 800-719-4040 (toll-free)

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Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare St. Paul - Phalen Clinic (for Older Teens and Adults)
Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare St. Paul - Phalen Clinic (for Older Teens and Adults)


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Mankato Clinic
Mankato Clinic

507-207-2700 or 844-207-2700 (toll-free)

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Services vary by location. For all of our locations, visit Directions and Locations.

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