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At Gillette Children's we’re working to transform care for children and adults with complex medical needs through innovation, research, partnerships and collaborations. Our unique patient population provides the opportunity to make a difference for children who have rare or complex medical conditions by addressing the quality and efficacy of care.


Strategic Partnerships

We actively seek partnerships with patient advocacy organizations, research consortiums, companies on the leading edge of biomedical innovation, and medical centers to advance knowledge, develop new diagnostic and therapeutic options, improve care delivery and translate scientific breakthroughs into treatment.


Research and Publications

Gillette cares for one of the largest groups of patients with complex and rare conditions. Our team is driven by a pioneering spirit that results in research that improves our patients’ quality of life.


Breaking New Ground in Pediatric
Care Since 1897

Our co-founders, orthopedic surgeon Arthur Gillette, MD, and Carleton College student Jessie Haskins, worked together to start the first-ever hospital with a focus on improving the lives of children who have disabilities. They planted the seed that since has grown into our mission of patient-centered care, innovation and research.