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Gillette Children’s has been a trusted and pioneering source of care for children with complex medical conditions since 1897. Families from across the globe come to Gillette - often following years of searching for the right care-for treatment for their children’s brain, bone and movement conditions. We bring our knowledge and curiosity to develop individualized care plans for each patient, helping them explore new possibilities and live a life beyond their diagnosis.  


Why Support Gillette Children's?

For more than 125 years, Gillette Children’s has collaborated with patients, families, partners, and donors like you to set the standard of care and opportunity for children with disabilities, complex conditions, rare disorders, and traumatic injuries.  

Donor support fuels research and innovation, clinical leadership and care, and advocacy efforts that enable every child to lead a full life defined by their dreams, not their diagnoses. Generous donors and funders help each Gillette patient to create their own story.  

Your support of Gillette Children's has an impact. 

  • Supporting Gillette’s comprehensive Research Programs, which engage patients, caregivers, Gillette experts, and collaborators from all over the world to inform innovations in care and improvements in outcomes.   
  • Boosting Child & Family Services that provide support and therapeutic resources essential to patients and families navigating a disability or complex medical conditions.       
  • Ensuring every patient who enters our door has access to the same high level of expert care, regardless of their ability to pay, through the Gillette Assistance Program

Contact Us and Connect

A gift to Gillette Children’s is an investment in helping children create their own stories. We help children, adults and their families improve their health, achieve greater well-being and enjoy life. We welcome you to connect with the Foundation team. 

Connect With Us 651-229-1726  Email Us About Giving


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