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A Second Opinion Provides Insight

When a child is diagnosed with a complex condition, it can feel overwhelming.  We understand, and for over 125 years, Gillette Children’s has pioneered innovative care for children with complex conditions.  We see children from all over the world.  

A second opinion from Gillette Children’s can confirm a diagnosis, explore treatment options and provide you with peace of mind to make the best decisions for your child’s health.  

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A Second Opinion Is Common

Getting a second opinion from another expert is a common and reasonable approach. Medical professionals understand and typically welcome opinions from other experts.   

There are several common reasons to seek a second opinion.   

  • The diagnosis is unclear, or it is a complex condition.   
  • The condition is not responding to the current treatment.  
  • You feel uncomfortable with a diagnosis or treatment plan.  

Whatever the reason, having another expert’s opinion can help you feel more knowledgeable and confident when taking the next steps to care for your child.  Call or request an appointment online


We welcome second opinions for many complex conditions and diagnoses, including: