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Accessibility Statement

Gillette is committed to maintaining an accessible website and making accessible to people who have disabilities or physical impairments.

We’re taking several steps to ensure our site is accessible:

  • Allowing you to adjust type size and table widths according to the preferences you have set on your web browser. (The Web Accessibility Initiative offers detailed instructions on how to change text styles or colors in standard browser settings.)
  • Providing keyboard navigation such as a "skip to main content" link at the top of the page helps linear screen reading devices skip over the standard navigation and go straight to the information unique to that page.
  • Adding "alt" text to images that describe what the image looks like or what content it has.
  • Ensuring PDF (portable document format) documents are identified as PDFs.
  • Monitoring color contrast ratios and ensuring body copy text is large enough.
  • Ordering headings properly and including single title elements describing the page.
  • Avoiding the same anchor link text for multiple online page destinations.
  • Including accessibility when we procure third-party systems or upgrades to existing systems.
  • Using Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) labels to provide an invisible label when a visible label can’t be used.

We welcome feedback on the accessibility of this website.

If you use a screen reader or other adaptive technology to access the Internet, please let us know how we can make more inclusive and easier to use.

Send us an email at: