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Pay Online


About Your Bills

You’ll receive separate bills for:

  • Inpatient charges (if your visit involves an overnight stay).
  • Outpatient appointments at our Twin Cities outpatient hospital facilities and our clinics in Greater Minnesota.
  • Professional fees from your physicians, surgeons, psychologists, anesthesiologists and/or radiologists.

Learn more about costs and billing practices at Gillette.


Using Insurance

If you’ve given us your insurance information, we’ll bill your insurance provider directly after you receive care at Gillette Children’s.

Your insurance provider might not cover all your costs. For example, you might have to make payments to satisfy your deductible before your insurance provider begins to pay. Or you might have to pay co-insurance for a percent of the costs of your care.

If your insurance company doesn’t pay for all the costs of your care at Gillette, we’ll send you one or more bills in the mail.

Making Your Copayments

Many insurance providers require you to make copayments for every medical appointment. For example, you might have copayments for doctor appointments and therapy visits.


How to Pay Your Bills and Copayments

You have several payment options for copayments, bills your insurance doesn’t cover, or if you don’t have insurance. You can:

  • Pay at a registration desk in one of our Twin Cities facilities. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards. If paying with cash, exact amounts are needed—we can’t make change.
  • Pay online.
  • Call the number on your bill and give us a credit or debit card number.
  • Mail us your payment using a check or credit/debit card.

Financial Assistance

If you need care at Gillette but can’t afford it—we can help you with options to help you cover the costs. You can: