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Gillette Children's specializes in treating complex brain, bone and movement conditions that begin in childhood.  

We partner with the community to address health care needs in surrounding neighborhoods and advocate for those in the broader disability community. Gillette provides care for all patients, including a significant percentage of those who are covered by Medicaid. We also dedicate funds to research, medical training and education. As a nonprofit, Gillette resources go toward supporting these goals.  


Tax-exempt Status

Gillette Children’s is a nonprofit organization. To meet the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) qualifying requirements, the IRS looks at many factors, including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • provision of non-emergency services to Medicare and Medicaid recipients 
  • maintenance of an open medical staff 
  • be overseen by a board that includes independent civic leaders 
  • provide medical training, education and research programs 
  • have a formal charity care policy 
  • operate to serve a public rather than a private interest 


Gillette Children’s meets all of those criteria. 

About 60 percent of acute care hospitals in the U.S. are nonprofit. Their nonprofit status allows them to focus on their missions and not on meeting the quarterly demands of stockholders.