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At Gillette, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality care to our patients – and patient experience is an important part of this. Many of our patients complete Press Ganey surveys to evaluate their experience with us. The surveys provide useful and actionable information that can help identify areas of success as well as areas which need improvement. We know that understanding our patients’ experience is critical for providing truly patient-centered care.


Patient Satisfaction Scores 

Whether your child is at Gillette for an inpatient stay or outpatient visit—or whether you’re an adult patient with an upcoming appointment or surgery—we want you to have the best experience possible. That means care delivered with courtesy and respect, and providers who listen to your questions and concerns. We want to be transparent with you about how we’re doing, so we’ve shared our 2020 patient satisfaction scores with you below.


 Our Hospital*Our Clinics*
Overall Rating of Hospital or Clinic92%92%
Likelihood to Recommend Hospital or Clinic96%94%
Nurses Overall Rating95%93%
Provider Overall Rating95%95%
*This chart shows our average score (out of 100) for each category. When reading this chart, higher is better.
Data source: Press Ganey surveys