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Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Specialist
Site Coordinator, Pediatric Education


Top Conditions

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My Approach to Care

"My personal mission statement involves bending the bars of healthcare to enable those traditionally disenfranchised to access the care and services they need. I like to partner with patients and their caregivers to achieve individual goals, improve health and optimize quality of life."

  • Education & Training

    Medical School: University of Michigan Medical School

    Graduate Degree: Master's in public heath, University of Minnesota

    Residency: Pediatrics, University of Minnesota

    Fellowship: Adolescent Medicine, University of Minnesota

    Board Certification(s): Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine; Diplomate, American Board of Pediatrics; Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine, Adolescent Medicine subspecialty

  • Professional Organizations

    Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine, American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry, American College of Physicians, World Professional Association for Transgender Health
  • Research & Publications

    Meininger ET, Saewyc E, Clark T, Skay C, Poon C, Robinson E, Pettingell S, Homma Y, Enacted Stigma and HIV Risk Behaviors in Sexual Minority Youth of European Heritage Across Three Countries [abstract]. J Adol Health. 2008. Meininger ET, Treichel CJ. Children of the Night: A Qualitative Study of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Youth In Prostitution [abstract]. J Adol Health. 2001 February; 28:108. Chapman CM, Miller JG, Bush LC, Bruenger JA, Wysor WJ, Meininger ET, Wolf FM, Fischer TV, Beaudoin AR, Burkel WE, et al: ATLAS-plus: Multimedia Instruction in Embryology, Gross Anatomy, and Histology. Proc Annu Symp Comput Appl Med Care. 1992;:712-6. Meininger ET. (In press). Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Adolescents. In LS Neinstein (Ed.), Adolescent Health Care: A Practical Guide (6th ed.). Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins. Ammerman SD, Ensign J, Kirzner R, Meininger ET, Tornabene M, Warf CW, Zerger S, Post P. Homeless Young Adults Ages 18-24: Examining Service Delivery Adaptations, 50 pages. Nashville: National Health Care for the Homeless Council, Inc., 2004.
  • Interests & Activities

    I'm a nationally recognized presenter in areas of adolescent health including youth homelessness, sexuality and gender non-conformity. I was a past advocacy chair of the national Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine. Locally, I am on the Department of Human Services Formulary Committee for Minnesota Medicaid and I have served on a number of nonprofit boards and committees. I also enjoy spending time with my husband and pets.

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