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What Is The Antimicrobial Stewardship Team?

Antimicrobial Stewardship (ASP) is a nationwide effort to stop the misuse of antibiotics. When antibiotics are prescribed or used incorrectly, the antibiotic no longer works correctly to fight infections. The ASP team is comprised of Gillette providers, pharmacists and nurses.


Why Is This Medication Prescribed?

Antibiotics are prescribed to help fight bacterial infections. Common areas of infection are: lungs/respiratory system, bladder/urinary tract, digestive system and surgical incision sites. Your healthcare team has worked hard to determine which antibiotic works best for the particular infection you have. Antibiotics are used to either prevent infection from happening or to help a current infection get better. 


Do Antibiotics Work For Viruses?

No, antibiotics do not work on viruses. They only work when there is a bacterial infection. When taken for viral symptoms, you will still be able to spread the virus. This can lead to antibiotic resistance. 


What Can Be Done To Avoid Resistance To Antibiotics?

Take your medication exactly as prescribed. Do not stop taking the antibiotic when you start to feel better. The infection might not be gone and could come back. Do not take other people’s antibiotics. It might not be the correct antibiotic for the illness you have. If antibiotics are not used correctly it could mean that the next time you have a bacterial infection and need antibiotics, they might not work. This could lead to being sick for longer periods of time and you will need to take more medication. Fighting antibiotic resistance takes the whole team! Your healthcare provider will work with you to avoid antibiotic resistance.