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What Is Pulmonology and Respiratory Care?

Pulmonology is a medical specialty that treats conditions and injuries related to breathing (respiration). Many kids who have complex conditions and disabilities also experience difficulty with their breathing.


Conditions Pulmonology and Respiratory Care Treats

Many children who have disabilities and complex injuries experience trouble breathing as a result of their condition. Pulmonary specialists understand and treat breathing complications and respiratory diseases in children.

The pulmonology and respiratory care team at Gillette Children’s treats kids who have a wide variety of complex conditions that might include:


Tests and Treatments

Pulmonologists and respiratory therapists work closely with your family to plan treatments that maximize lung function and slow its deterioration. Through on-site testing at our pulmonology clinic, we learn about your child’s unique needs and form a diagnosis.

We might perform sleep studies to pinpoint problems associated with breathing at night. At times, we might also recommend medicine to manage respiratory symptoms. For kids who need more extensive support, we might recommend respiratory devices and assistive technology.

Some of the specific evaluations and treatments that might help your child include:

  • Medical management of respiratory challenges.
  • A pulmonary function test.
  • Respiratory support devices.
  • A sleep study (also called polysomnography).
  • Tracheostomy and airway management.

Integrated Care

When you come to Gillette, your child’s care decisions are organized around a deep understanding of conditions that can make breathing difficult, such as muscular dystrophy and spinal cord injuries. 

To provide the best care for your child, expert pulmonologists and respiratory therapists collaborate with other Gillette providers to develop custom treatment plans. Through Gillette's Adult Clinic, we also extend treatment and resources to children whose needs continue into adulthood.

Meet the pulmonology doctors and nurses your family will work with at Gillette: