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What Is Radiology and Imaging?

Radiology uses medical equipment to capture images from inside the body to better diagnose and treat diseases and injuries.


Conditions Radiology and Imaging Help Treat

Diagnostic imaging can help all kinds of kids—from those who have a broken bone to those who have complex conditions. 


Tests and Treatments

At Gillette Children’s, we use digital technology to deliver high-quality results with low-dose radiation.

We offer a wide range of imaging tests and services to help diagnose problems and measure outcomes following injury or treatment. You will have access to specialized equipment and highly trained experts at Gillette.

Some of the pediatric radiology tests we perform include:

For children who have disabilities, complex conditions and serious injuries our St. Paul campus includes a variety of features to reduce stress and ensure proper care during radiology tests and treatment, including:

  • Distractions: Many of our rooms have video, sound or lighting features to help calm and relax your child during the procedure. In many cases, kids can choose which images they want to see during their tests.
  • Sedation Services: In cases where positive distractions aren’t enough, or your child’s disabilities or pain might interfere with a test, we offer sedation services.
  • Specialized Equipment and Skills: Our facilities feature specialized lifts and equipment for children who have disabilities, complex conditions and serious injuries. Our full-length X-ray equipment produces high-quality images that help in diagnosing scoliosis, other spinal and lower leg deformities. If your child uses seating systems or wears metal fixators following limb-length surgery, our technologists know how to appropriately perform these imaging tests for them.
  • Low Radiation Equipment: Our specialized equipment and protocols minimize radiation dose while ensuring high-quality images. This feature makes tests safer for children whose conditions might require frequent imaging tests.

Integrated Care

Through every part of your child’s journey, we create an environment that supports their best possible care—and the best possible services for your family.

Your family can trust the expertise of our radiology and imaging team, which is made up of health care professionals who specialize in performing and interpreting imaging tests. Our team members have lots of experience working with kids who have disabilities and complex conditions.

Our Team

Gillette is accredited by the American College of Radiology and collaborates with St. Paul Radiology to provide expert reading of pediatric and adolescent imaging studies. St. Paul Radiology is nationally known for its imaging expertise.


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