Gillette Children's was recognized by the World Health Organization and International Hospital Federation for transformative business practice as a part of their Health Services Learning Hub. In partnership with the International Hospital Federation, the WHO compiled and shared a summary report about how hospitals can embrace new ways of delivering health care while responding to the evolving coronavirus pandemic.

To keep our patients and families on track with their goals during the pandemic, Gillette launched a virtual rehabilitation therapies program. Our successful launch of virtual rehab therapies was included in the report as a case study showing how our transformative business practice can impact patients even in challenging circumstances. We know how important it is to continue rehabilitation therapy for our patients. Watch how virtual therapy at Gillette continues to help our patients navigate their world with confidence.

Though the virtual rehabilitation therapies offering launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, the program will continue to be expanded as we continue to dedicate our efforts to providing convenient, expert care to our Gillette families. Learn more about Rehabilitation Therapies at Gillette.

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