The surgery simulation and training space at Gillette is expertly designed to support care planning, training opportunities and community outreach programs. With a large operating room, advanced equipment, and observation and classroom space, we can meet a wide variety of educational needs.

We use our surgery simulation space to educate staff and trainees, plan complex procedures and provide school outreach with the interprofessional learning model in mind. The space is also available to outside organizations, by request, to support their training and educational needs.

About Simulation

Simulation allows medical teams and trainees to practice procedures and techniques—including surgeries, critical care situations, communication strategies, and many other scenarios—in a risk-free environment. Using true-to-life facilities and advanced technology, teams can work through processes and hone their skills before working with patients.

The goal of simulation is to create a safer patient experience by preventing medical errors and improving outcomes. Simulation brings the following benefits:

  • Providers can practice surgeries, techniques and responses to various scenarios without any risk to patients.
  • Training can occur in true-to-life environments, with facilities and technology identical to those in various medical settings.
  • A wide range of learners—from master surgeons to high school students—can learn from simulated experiences.
  • Training can support the development of vital skills, including IV starts, phlebotomy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and pediatric advanced life support (PALS).

Our Facilities and Technology

We can arrange our surgery simulation and training space into a variety of true-to-life medical environments. We also offer a wide range of advanced technology to support diverse educational needs.

Flexible Arrangements

Unique among regional simulation centers, our space includes a replica of Gillette’s large operating rooms, which are designed to accommodate multidisciplinary surgical teams and advanced imaging equipment. The space also includes a large classroom and observation area.

In addition to arrangements that allow for surgery simulation, we can also set up other environments, including:

  • Critical care settings.
  • Inpatient environments.
  • Outpatient areas.

True-to-Life Technology

Our physical spaces are supported by advanced technology, including:

  • Equipment, lighting and instruments identical to those in actual surgery suites, critical care settings, inpatient rooms and other types of medical environments.
  • Mannequins representing various ages that simulate patient vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, heart and breath sounds, etc.).
  • Virtual reality technology that combines tactile models and computer programs to support experiences such as learning to insert IV lines.
  • Anatomical models—such as skeletal models—that support learning.

Opportunities to Use the Space

The surgery simulation and training space at Gillette is available for use by request. We can accommodate a wide range of arrangements and scenarios to meet your training needs.

To discuss your needs, call 651-602-3268.

Opportunities for Schools

Gillette provides opportunities in our surgery simulation and training space for junior high and high school students who are interested in medical careers. For example, students from Roosevelt High School attended a program at Gillette to learn about jobs in health and technology.

To learn about school opportunities, call 651-602-3268.