Emojability is a free, ability-focused emoji keyboard designed specifically for the special needs community.

From equipment and therapy emojis to words of encouragement, Emojability brings to life symbols and phrases that haven't existed on emoji keyboards — until now!

What Is an Emoji Keyboard?

An emoji keyboard, such as Emojability, is an app you can download on your smartphone. It gives you access to unique images and phrases that you can send as text messages or use in popular messaging apps.

When do I use Emojability?

Emojability makes it fun and easy to communicate with friends and family about your day. Did your kiddo just have a rockstar PT session? Send Dad an emoji to celebrate. Have a friend going in for surgery? Send some good vibes with an animated GIF. 

Emoji Gallery

prone cart emoji
pool therapy emoji
Alternative Communication Device Emoji
Wheelchair basketball emoji
good vibes emoji
rock star emoji
sweet ride emoji
you got this emoji
DisAbility emoji
Determined emoji
so proud emoji
Like a pro emoji
stick to it emoji
That's how we roll emoji
Look Who Can Emoji
Crusing emoji
Champ! Emoji
I heart my nurse emoji
I heart my CP kid emoji
I heart my therapist emoji
I Heart My Doctor Emoji
Milestone emoji
Gillette hospital building emoji
gillette heart logo emoji
Gillette T shirt emoji
Stethescope emoji
Feeding therapy emoji
Music therapy emoji
speech therapy emoji
moving walker emoji
PT hands emoji
OT emoji
Adaptive skiing emoji
powered chair emoji
Walker emoji
Adaptive bike emoji
Powered wheelchair emoji
Crutches emoji
ankle foot orthosis brace emoji

Have a Good Emojability Idea?

We want to hear your ideas for new emojis or animated GIFs. Describe what you’d like to express and we’ll consider bringing your Emojability idea to life!