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Share your time and talents from your own home. Volunteers can ease the hospital experience by making blankets such as no-sew fleece or sewn quilts, small pillows, laundry bags and many other items.
Our home craft opportunities are available for individual volunteers as well as school or church groups.

Why are blankets and quilts needed?
Patients who come to Gillette often need something friendly or cuddly. A blanket or pillow helps make their hospital stay more pleasant and comfortable. As much as our patients love receiving a gift, only employees can deliver them to the units.

Blanket Sizes and Material Requirements:
We accept single- or double-sided flannel blankets, quilts with light batting, knitted and crocheted blankets, and fleece-tied blankets.

  • New fabric or yarn must be used.
  • Material must be free of fragrances.
  • Blanket edges must be either tied or stitched.
  • Both male and female themed fabric needed.
  • Most common blanket sizes (approximate):
    • Infant or toddlers: 1.5 yards x 1.5 yards = 54 inches x 54 inches.
    • Pre-teen, teen, or adult: 2 yards x 1.5 yards = 72 inches x 54 inches.

Blanket requirement before delivery:

  • Complete the Gift-In Kind Donation Form and bring with delivery.
  • Check for forgotten pins and needles.
  • Blankets must be washed with a non-fragrant detergent, free of pet hair and dander, and placed in large plastic bags for delivery.
  • Please do not deliver them in a vehicle that has been smoked in.


For delivery notice or questions, please contact:
Dalia Gonzalez