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Predictors of Pain Research Study

Start date: Ongoing

Have you ever wondered what your child's pain will be like after surgery? You may qualify for a research study at Gillette!  

Partner with Gillette clinical researchers on a study aimed to help determine predictors of pain following orthopedic surgery in children with cerebral palsy. 

  • 5-17 years-olds  
  • Have a cerebral palsy diagnosis   
  • Have a scheduled lower-limb or spine orthopedic surgery   
  • Have a parent or guardian who can speak and read in English  

The study take course over 13 months, beginning approximately one month before your child’s scheduled surgery date and ending 12 months following their surgery  

Predictors of Pain Research Timeline

*Note: study activities many vary based on site of enrollment.

  • One in-person visit for sensory testing (approx. 15 minutes) 
  • 5 online surveys for parent (approx. 20-35 minutes each) 
  • 5 online surveys for your child if age 8+ and based on a cognitive assessment score (approx. 20 minutes each) 
  • Text messages from 3-90 days following surgery to assess patients’ pain intensity and medication use (<1 minute each)  
  • Optional pre- or post-surgery Gait & Motion Analysis (unless ordered as part of routine care, 2.5 hours each)

Yes – participants will be compensated for each portion of the study (up to $380 total), including: 

  • $30 for completion of in-person sensory test 
  • $25 per completed parent and child email survey ($250 total) 
  • Up to $100 for completion of text-message assessments, based on level of participation  
  • Some participants who live out of the seven-county metro area may be reimbursed for travel expenses related to specific portions of the study 

Most tests done in research studies are only for research and have no clear meaning for health care. Results from the sensory test will not be shared. Results from portions of the Gait and Motion Analysis, whether ordered by your doctor or for research only, will be available to you. Study findings may be shared with you in the form of a group newsletter or other media. Your child’s specific data will not be identified (they will remain anonymous).   

Our goal is to define the nature and progression of pain before and after orthopedic surgery by examining pain intensity, frequency, duration and interference in children with cerebral palsy. These findings can then inform pain expectations after surgery and guide advances in clinical care.    

Patients and their families are at the heart of Gillette’s research work – from conceptualizing new studies, to actively participating in research, to helping translate results to better care for all Gillette patients.  

Please know that you are free to decide whether or not you wish for your child to take part in this study. Your decision will not affect the level of care your child will receive. 

To enroll or connect with our research team on this study, please email We’re here to help answer any questions you have. It’s important for you to ask us about anything you’re unsure of.  

After receiving your email our research team will be in touch with you as quickly as possible to discuss next steps. 

We hope to partner with you on this important – and exciting – study! Thank you.